Living Greyhawk Campaign Sourcebook: “Core Adventures are RPGA Living Greyhawk scenarios that take place in the nonregional areas of the game world: . Generally, Living Greyhawk modules were password-protected. These are not. If you also want the Adventure Record files, e-mail me and I’ll. Given the “regionality” of the campaign, the Living Greyhawk campaign produced five categories of role-playing adventures.

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Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references. Knights of the Watch Part 1. Coming through this episode with flying colors, you continue to the Free City of Dyvers, where there has been a rash of break-ins at greyhask inns.

Living Greyhawk Adventure Series | Family | RPGGeek

Others who would become as he was have traveled to the site of Acererak’s tomb seeking the secrets of mastery liviing death. This module contains a challenging scenario, the tournament scoring system plus nine pre-rolled, playtested tournament characters.

These adventures counted as Core adventures, although they had not been published by the Circle. In particular I would love Core mods and Bissell mods but any help is really appreciated!

Metaregional Scenarios were introduced in year three and were intended to replace Adaptable scenarios. The module may thus be modulea for private competition among players, moduules as a separate, non-scored adventure! Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Such potent evil, such terror lies beyond, that even the bravest adventurers may quail before the ultimate test! Set in the famed City of Greyhawk, it gives adventurers a taste of life in the big city – with someone or something brewing trouble.


Hot on the trail of the marauding slavers, you and your fellow adventurers plunge deep into the hostile Hills. They tried a coup, failed, and came to the Vale of the Mage to hide – and, presumably, to regroup and ally with the Black One. Now, almost twenty years later, the Keep has declined into a sleepy outpost settlement.

No challenge to these copyrights is intended. At the end ofcampaign administrators changed the treasure rewards from a certificate-based system a special item discovered during the adventure was given to one of the players as a certificate or “cert” to an equal-access system in which a special item could be purchased at the end of the adventure by any player.

Campaign Cards Set 1. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

A decade ago, the land of Geoff was overrun by a horde of giants, ogres, and evil humanoids, its people either slain, enslaved, or driven into exile. You and your fellow adventurers have defeated the slavers of Highport, but you have learned of the existence of another slaver stronghold, and you have decied to continue the attack. TSR Allen Hammack. This interactivity was what inspired the word “Living” in the title of this type of shared campaign.

However, if that player travelled to France or Benelux, the player could play Ekbir or Sunndi adventures respectively.


Her strands reach mkdules across Greeyhawk, through the Crystalmist mountains, across the embattled human kingdoms, and even reaching the councils of Pomarj and beyond. Now something evil is stirring in the lands around Greyhawk. They must have magical protections and weapons, and they should equip themselves with every sort of device possible to ensure their survival.


In the end, both were slain and good people rejoiced. Any expedition must be composed of characters of high level and varied class.

Living Greyhawk

Evil has risen again to threaten the village of Hommlet. The first introductory adventures of the campaign premiered at Gen Con in August[1] and the Living Greyhawk Gazetteerwhich contained much background material, was published in November By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

In Octoberwith the division of Perrenland responsibilities, Hawaii was moved back to Ratik shared it with the other places listed.

Generally, Living Greyhawk modules were password-protected. The time to free the people of Geoff from their servitude to the giantish tyrants has come! Or living moeules specific?

This is more than just a travelogue. White Plume Mountain is from the special “S” series; like others in the series, it is meant to stand on its own and is a complete Advanced Dungeon and Dragons adventure. Start of campaign until October Now, the handsome reward offered for the return of the lovers has tempted you, but who knows what lies beyond the Crystal Cave?

Splintered Suns Adventure Updates. Designed as the backbone of a full campaign, Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil takes characters from 4th level to as high as 14th level. Are you up to the challenge?

But greyhaqk laugh out loud in front of them — they don’t think it’s all that hilarious