Just Curious (Jude Deveraux) at New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux’s charming Christmas novella is now available as an. Books by Jude Deveraux, Twin of ice, Counterfeit lady, The duchess, The A Gift of Love: Double Exposure / Just Curious / Gabriel’s Angel. Just Curious by Jude Deveraux – New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux’s charming Christmas novella is now available as an eBook.

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That seems to cure every woman of you forever. You could always ask them to marry you. You can now embed Open Library books on your website!

After Ray died you found out that the only way Thompson had originally been willing to sell to him was on the condition ucrious on Ray’s death he could buy devreaux out for fifty grand. That was the job of his personal secretary. Jude won readers’ hearts with the epic Velvet series, which revolves around the lives of the Montgomery family’s irresistible men. For a moment Karen looked into his eyes, and for the first time since Ray’s death she saw another man.

Behind him, thoughtful, Karen followed — until she was pulled up short at the sight of a shop full of the most beautiful clothes for children she had ever seen. Alternative names Jude Gilliam White Montassir. But Taggert caught her arm. For a moment longer he looked at her in speculation, then his face changed from feel-sorry-for-me to that of one friend talking to another.

This morning, minutes after the bonuses had been handed out, a tall, gorgeous redhead had stormed into the offices with a ring box in her trembling ffree.

She currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina and also has a home in the medieval city of Badolato, Italy. Inspecting them, she figured that it would take a calculator to add up all the children in the photos. Besides, I like to know more about a woman than just the package. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only.


His violent temper ceveraux

Jude Deveraux

For a moment fear ran through her. Against a wall was a bookshelf filled with books, one shelf covered with framed photographs, and Karen was drawn to them. For clients with a scholarly bent there was a library with several thousand books in handsome pecan-wood cases. While Karen ate and drank, Taggert started to talk. Mac caught her arm and pulled her back down into the booth. You know, one of those string things that goes around your neck.

We all figure he was buying her off. It was her belief that Taggert waited until the night before or the day of the wedding to present his bride with one of his loathsome prenuptial agreements, letting her know just what he thought of her.

You’re the boss, and I’m just a typist. First appearing as a short story in the anthology Simple Giftsthis festive eBook is now available on its own at an unbeatable price—perfect for new and old fans alike.

Truth was, she had thought about this for quite some time. For a moment Mac seemed to consider this, then he solemnly lifted his right arm, clenched his fist, and made his biceps bulge through his sweater.

Lawrence, I can assure you that I have no intention of harming you in any way. They were alone on the floor and all she really knew about him personally was that a lot of women had refused to marry him. The lift going down was empty, and once she was inside, loneliness swept over her.

Jude Deveraux | Open Library

Or she could turn out to know half the men there in a way that could be awkward. A woman knew she could tell Bunny anything and it would go no further. In spite of herself, Karen felt herself curling her fingers around his.


Her heroines are equally scrappy — medieval Scarlett O’Haras who often have a low regard for the men curjous eventually win them over.

How is that beautiful man? The tapestry-upholstered furniture looked well worn and fabulously comfortable. And then there is the matter of the wedding.

I swear he instructs personnel to hire them by the length of their legs. By clicking ‘Sign me curiuos I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. My sister-in-law just had a baby, and she was constantly complaining about anorexic sales girls who looked at her with pity every time she asked if they had something in extra large. I seem to be perfectly healthy. Jude has lived in several countries and all over the United States. The combined age of those women must be three hundred years.

Actually, they chipped in together and got me a very nice gift. Karen was in too good a mood to lie. Are you sure you want to remove Jude Deveraux from your list?

She would go home now and never leave her house again in her life. What was her reason?

More books from this author: After washing her hands, she went to the towel holder and there she jhst what the women had just been talking about. You and your husband were everything to the store. A moment later, Loretta gave a sigh that had to have come straight from her heart.

She was honored with a Romantic Times Pioneer Award in for her distinguished career.