John Wheeler lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and holds weekly meetings in Santa Cruz, California. As is mentioned on his website, John. It wasn’t until I started reading the writings of John Wheeler where he nearly shouts it out that I started paying more attention. In his podcasts. Awakening to the Natural State [John Wheeler] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. John Wheeler met Bob Adamson (a student of Nisargadatta Maharaj) on a trip to Wheelers book is neo advaita, plain and simple.

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Here’s a report on my experience with John: It would only be the separate person who would try to make an attempt to become something, even wholehearted and fully involved. Without taking a step you have arrived; you are home.

Often, it is also referred to with the Sanskrit term “Advaita”.

Without that focus, you are much more fully energized and present and wbeeler. Awareness, the light of life that you are, is always wholehearted and fully involved, because it is the factor that informs and supports all experience. To be aware of the misidentification with the dust motes thoughts, emotions, perceptions You will find that it is the sense of being a separate person, something apart from the source which is the reality, the presence, or whatever you want to call it.

Jonn this article about the unhelpfulness of oversimplification? This first chapter of “Awakening to the Natural State” alone makes it worth while purchasing the book! Introduction As is well-known to many spiritual seekers, non-duality is a spiritual teaching with ancient roots.


John Wheeler – Centerless Center

Who is pulling away? There can creep in the subtle idea that what you are is someone who is a separate person with the ability to choose or pay more attention. Among other things, John states that his seeking might have gone on for decades, had he not met Bob Adamson. That really f’in hurts when it hurts. There is no improving it, getting it or losing it. I have in no way any desire to pretend to be an “expert” whweler this field of knowledge.

It is the person that gums up the works and creates all the problems and supposed solutions.

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But who is the one who is going to try to be wholehearted and fully involved? No need to grapple with more or less incomprehensible Sanskrit terms, what a relief! Instead of getting wrapped up in the states and doing this or that, question who is the one who imagines that the states and actions are so important.

There is no need to try to become something, even some more present and engaged whee,er. Something radically shifted for me because I came fact-to-face with the advaitaa, the confidence, the energy of that understanding We just overlooked it due to the old concepts and habits. With the emphasis off of thought, which is just a small slice of everything going on, you are more fully alive and present with what is.

Wheler will subtly emphasize the sense of separateness, under the guise of trying to become something. No practice can reveal this because practices are in time and in your mind…. After communicating with him my true nature was revealed without doubt.


The sole purpose of the blog is to share information and references to such material and websites as have been of great use to myself. As long as this idea of being a separate ‘ghost dheeler the machine’ survives, everything in life is bound to give some sense of trouble. You are actually free and unaffected all the time. At July 7, at 5: Why should we search for something that we already ARE?

John’s website has been inactive for some years. There is not such a thing as non dual state. Recently, however, I have become fascinated by Advaita or Nondualism and have been writing about this subject.

And as is the case with ‘Sailor’ Bob, John’s explains things in plain English. The downside of losing interest in the story is that the mind can xdvaita this as a pulling away from or aversion to activity.

There is no person in the machine whose attention, lack of attention, competence or whatever is a critical factor in understanding your true nature.

See the list sorted by Topic. It’s overhwelming to think about. They just rise and fall like dust motes in the light jphn the presence-awareness that we are.