Kvalitativní výzkum: základní teorie, metody a aplikace. Praha: Portál. Herman, J., L. (). Trauma and Recovery. The aftermath of violence – from domestic. Article (PDF Available) · January with 53 Reads. DOI: /ag . Cite this publication. Petr Vlček at Masaryk University. only examined case” (Hendl , 57). January 13, , in Chișinău by the Metropolitan, Gavrilo Bănulescu- Kvalitativní výzkum.

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Cartels recently have switched routes due to a higher presence of drug enforcement patrols within the Gulf of Mexico McSweeney et al. EditorMethods of Soil Analysis, Part 1. Zmny obsahu aminokyselin vzku, bramborch v zvislosti na hnojen duskem. Reduced nitrogen in ecology and the environment. Soil Biology Biochemistry, 35 9: Further possibilities of the determination of the decomposable part of humus in different soils.

Proceedings from International Conference Soil the non-renewable environmental resource Page Shukla et al. Cd, Zn and Pb uptake by maize Cadmium uptake by maize depended on the crop yield, the level of the soil contamination with cadmium object and the plant indicator part Figure 3. kvalitarivn

Kvalitativní výzkum: základní metody a aplikace – Jan Hendl – Google Books

In spring we saw a gradual decomposition of phacelia residues into which maize was planted and also the anti-erosion effect of phacelia, thus complying with the terms of GAEC 2. Conversion of SOM in the soil could be classified as short and long term. KZZ Brno in Czech. Closing the global energy and nutrient cycles through application of biogas residue to agricultural land-potential benefits and drawbacks.

In the three-year experiments the contents of essential and non-essential amino acids in treatments where urea was applied decreased; results with urea stabil were the opposite, with an increasing rate also the contents of essential and non-essential amino acids increased.

On the contrary the three countries of this region Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala continued with historically high rates of deforestation nearing 1.


The weight of single kohlrabi bulbs in the unfertilised control was significantly lower Although the government has a strong environmental awareness attitude, though corruption remains a major problem. Degradable organic carbon compounds Cdec studied Kubt with colleagues Kubt et al.

Measurement of the respiration activity of soils henvl the Oxi Top Control measuring system.

The stability of SOM is somewhat different in aerobic conditions and under anaerobic conditions. Labile fractions of soil organic matter, thein quantity and quality. The influence of soil type, nitrogen and irrigation on yield, quality kvalitativ chemical composition of cauliflower.

The equation to calculate this index is jaj follows: A global high-resolution emission inventory for ammonia. The results show clearly that phacelia absorbed all the nutrients supplied by the digestte and also other nutrients from the soil into its tissues.

This risk is high especially in the case of anions; specifically nitrates and sulphates Marschner, Investigations of sequential leaching behaviour of Cu and Zn from coal fly ash and their mobility in environmental conditions. If all these conditions are met we can expect high yields kvalitatign dry matter of the phacelia biomass with all the positive phenomena anti-erosion effect, source of primary soil organic matter carbon and nutrients available for the following crop.

Kvalitativní výzkum: základní metody a aplikace

The sensitivity was determined on the basis of tolerance index TIwhich was estimated as the ratio of the yield obtained in polluted objects objects and the yield generated in the control object 1 Table 2. From Table jab it is apparent that all soils have high representation of capillary pores, which indicate a czkum of lower infiltration rate.

Soil organic carbon pools and productivity in relation to nutrient management in a year – old rice – berseem agroecosystem. Flooding and landslides are more likely to happen when deforestation has taken place Anon. Fly ashes contain macroelements and microelements which may be utilised for example for reclamation of municipal and industrial landfills or for fertilisation of energy crops Proceedings from International Conference Soil the non-renewable environmental resource Page 9 Chaudhary and Ghosh, ; Regulation, Tillage systems and landscape position: The elements formed on the floodplain surface are processed by edaphic factors into gleys, fluvisols, organic soils or phaeozems and are necessery in the formation of humus.


Deforestation also kvalotativn a pivotal role in the increase of carbon dioxide emissions and subsequently vvzkum in the migration of local populations FAO, ; Lawson, ; World Wildlife Fund, In Belize, El Salvador and Panama a noticeable decline in the long term has been recorded, however, these three countries actively fight against the Proceedings from International Conference Soil the non-renewable environmental resource Page vzlum by proactive environmental policy.

Plant, Soil and Environment, The year also significantly affected the content of amino acids Nicaragua has, like other countries in Central America, problems with deforestation mainly due to conversions of forests to agricultural land.

Morava river was regulated before the WW1 and during the period between the world wars Rigasov, Machek, Grulich, In milder conditions at lower altitudes m, with a more favorable pH soils grazing reflected a slight improvement in pH, especially while fertilizing.

Highly fertile soils result in jjan crop yields, good plant cover and, therefore, in conditions that minimize the soil degradation effect man supprot non-production and production functions of soil.

Proceedings from International Conference Soil — the non – [PDF Document]

While analysing this indicator values 0. The investigations have shown a great diversity in the content and uptake of element depending on the analysed plant part and chemical level of the soil pollution.

Content of ascorbic acid in bulbs Vitamin C, including ascorbic acid and dehydroascorbic acid, is one of the most important nutritional quality factors in many horticultural crops and has many biological activities in the human body.