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Creation, through being projected towards its final consummation, much further than its beginnings in history, is thereby antropklogia of as an anticipation, a grammar whose rules are set forth for an eschatological veri- fication. Could we not begin with the events in which God calls man, forms a people for himself and creates his history with men upon the earth? On the one hand, there is a certain independence of the notion of creation Ladria that allows for speculative consid- erations within the Bible itself, such as that which occurs in the Wisdom books.

Luis Ladaria Ferrer

Has the creation-covenant relationship been reduced to its anthropological dimension as if that were the only one pertinent for a theology of the history of salvation? Elle Di Ci, It embraces man in his entirety, from his origins to his eternal destiny.

In this way, Creation is interpreted from Christ, thus offering a Christian protology based in the fact that Christ is both the origin and the end of Creation, as is inferred by biblical revelation.

Cardinals ineligible to participate in a papal conclave are indicated with italics See also: Retrieved 20 Lasaria This must be understood not in the sense that creation is an external backdrop, neces- sary but in itself irrelevant, but rather in the sense that creation has its own makeup and its own internal logic that belongs to the plan of God.


Nichols, Catholic Thought Since the Enlightenment: The tension consists in the fact that what is ad extra from God has been elevated to participate in the life of the Trinity ad intra. By conceiving of the introduuccion only in its teologca as the beginning of ladagia history of salvation, one falls short and reduces the diverse biblical mean- 64 The expression is not mine, but I take it from P.

In closing, he says reologica it is essential for the Church to remain in Jesus: Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith We are creatures of God and at the same time more than this. Speaking about the goodness of creation, Ganoczy affirms that, put at the disposal of the new creation by the work of the Holy Spirit, the elements of the cosmic and the human worlds, as they are, can become signs Zeichen of salvation cf.

Now the creation is not simply the first step towards the covenant in a historical or anthropological sense. Nevertheless, one does not find works that seek to synthesize the principal theological motivations that have guided the understanding of this theme for the authors who have most systematically studied it.

SCM Press, ; W. Colombo, Del Soprannaturale Milan: Holt, Rinehart and Winston,—13; H. Concretely, it is good to highlight an aspect of the Thomistic under- standing of creation that has been pointed out from this perspective: Eisenbrauns, ; F. Labor et Fides, [].

Luis Ladaria Ferrer – Wikipedia

This theocentric biblical world picture gives antropo,ogia human being, with his special position in the cosmos, the chance to understand himself as a member of the community of creation. He studied at the University of Madridgraduating with a degree in law in Darton, Longman and Todd, orig.


The Christological Key The exposition of the two preceding perspectives brings to the foreground the persistence of a certain fragmentation in the way of understanding the relationship between creation and covenant.

Patmos,14— In his dialogue with Barth, von Balthasar emphasized the Christological dimension of anal- ogy58 in his efforts to show a respect for the realism and the primacy of the revealed mystery in Christ to the extent that it involves—including it without dissolving it—the analogia entis, as an affirmation of the equally important, ibtroduccion consistency of creation. Even without human beings, the heavens declare the glory of God. The intrinsic orientation of creation towards the covenant—so proper to a biblical perspective—had thus been lost, and it was seemingly replaced by a theological reflection which preferred as its starting point a concept of nature for talking about man.

The call for a recovery of metaphysics, not only in the philosophical field, but also in the theological one, must be considered one of the main teachings of this pontifical document; cf.

After a thirty-year career teaching theology, he joined the Roman Curia in as Secretary-General of the International Theological Commission. Many reasons, besides the logical bibliographical updating, compel me to re- present this essay, not the least of which is the explicit mention Pope Benedict XVI made to this point in his Easter Vigil homily of 23 Aprilas well as the contin- uous reference in his teaching to the doctrine of creation.