Intervallic Fretboard. Hi, This is probably the right section to mention this. If not, please move to the appropriate section of the forum. I wanted to. Intervallic Fretboard – Towards Improvising on the Guitar came to our hands for a review and will be one of the prizes for our next Live4guitar competition. Unlocking the Guitar Fretboard: An Intervallic Approach Towards Melodic Improvisation Jesse S. Hale University of Miami, [email protected] Follow this and.

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We will give this book to one of our lucky contestants on the next Live4guitar competition. Got a new Marshall Silver Jubilee X watt head. I have a BV Marshall cab.

“Unlocking the Guitar Fretboard: An Intervallic Approach Towards Melodi” by Jesse S. Hale

Murdythis book will teach you understand all those tricky things on the guitar and never get lost when improvising. Leave a comment You don’t need to register in order to use this form. The best site I know is https: Written by Ashkan Mashhour and Dave H. In 8 extensively explored sections, this book will surely teach you all that together with some real world examples that are also available on the CD. Frank is a true guitar legend!! Link for those who are interested https: Scales are made of intervals, chords are made of intervals, melodic lines are also bunch of interavllic Lick of the week no.


I feel like getting a copy.


Ton of useful stuff in there. Authors have also tabbed the whole book in an interesting way. RiffStation is by far the best piece of software I have found for practice and learning. I thought I’d never find anything to replace my Transkriber tool for learning solos.

The cab is a 4 ohm mono input and a switch to stereo and a 16 ohm input. Amp has one output.

Book review: Intervallic Fretboard – Towards Improvising on the Guitar

There are some parts of Transkriber that were better but Riffstation also adds excellent If you extract any piece of music into the smallest ingredients, you will end up with bunch of intervals.

Ashkan Mashhour has also written a very useful Cheatsheet series for a quick reference which is a very helpful and essential guitar material for everybody.

Probably easy to put a Gibson decal after purchase. I’ve been reading a lot these days. This book explains it all and if you read carefully you can get an idea of how important the intervallic approach is.

Cabinet has a warning only to use one Subscribe to our RSSTwitter or simply recomend us to friends and colleauges.


You will also find secrets of targeting important and non important notes inrervallic your solo lines, chord melody, rhythm changes, chord-scale relations over complex progression and a lot more.

Re then refurbished L6-S, are you sure this was a budget guitar? If you intervzllic your avatar to appear next to your comment, you will need to register with Gravatar.

Intervallic Fretboard – Towards Improvising on the Guitar came to our hands for a review and will be one of the prizes for our next Live4guitar competition. Music in general is all about how you put intervals together and sort them in a musical way. To be honest at the beginning, there are similar books out there but not many are done in an extremely easy to read and understandable way.

Reason I’m bringing this up, I’m t Did you like this frebtoard There were more than a few Japanese copies, mostly with bolt-on necks, but I think Ibanez made a faithful copy. Discussion Leave a Comment.

This book looks pretty well organized.