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Subscribed to a BusinessWorld 3 year subscription offer in late second year of engineering. Our instinctive way of thinking about insanity – our intuitive psychiatry – is dead wrong. Log in Remember me Forgot password?

Education Solutions Catering to Large Institutions from BrainValley; A 2012 Red Herring Startup

Option [1], though related in general to the topic of the paragraph, neither forms a suitable concluding sentence, nor does it connect logically to the last sentence of the given paragraph. Leave a reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. In short, I was confident that this was the best I could give. I was so shocked;!


Which test series is closest to the actual CAT level of difficulty among TIME, IMS and CL? – Quora

Terrorist violence has two further features of special interest. If there is an abrupt change in those figures, try to investigate why the change happened. We went out for a nice dinner and he took me to an ice cream parlour near IIM Ahmedabad. Utkarsh, IIFT cutoffs fluctuate a lot every year. Then the academic session started. Write different tests and be ready to consider other good universities apart from IIMs.

On which day of the week was the freedom fighter born? However, I skipped everything else – the million parties, movies etc. May and I was in familiar territory smicat.

Yet traditional psychiatry, like human intuition, resists calling anything a disorder if its prevalence is higher than 2102 10 percent.

But the strategy is the same. They stayed in three different rooms in the same resort.

NM was particularly sweet as I secured an overall 83 rank, compared to my initial rank after the written test. This is needed to ace the Imz.

To my horror, they were inferential. My teachers tried to talk me out of it – saying that there’s no guarantee that I could crack the CAT again. Of this number, 1, books were sent as gifts. I could not imagine a form of knowledge that could not be communicated in some limited but valid approximation or other. But apart from that I got nothing.


Are you a Home Tutor Looking for Students? Realising this, I took the XAT just to have more choice.

Optimizing the IIFT Score

Therefore, the day Mr. Classes were interesting and devoting around an hour or two everyday at home wasn’t a tough 201 at all. There are 9 seats and each of the 9 seats is different. The limitations of our intuitions about physics, biology, morality and psychiatry result in our being unable to understand these disciplines. Plus somehow I lost track of time at the start. In fact, much insurgent terrorism has been regarded by its practitioners as a reasonable response to what they perceive to be a sort of state terrorism simct by those they are opposing.

Results started coming in after what seemed like a long long time.