The seamstress zipped America’s future top feminist into her Playboy Bunny costume — it was so tight it hurt — and stuffed her bra with a. Source: Steinem, Gloria, “I Was a Playboy Bunny,” from Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions, by Gloria Steinem. New York: Holt, Rhinehart, and Winston, . by: Gloria Steinem | publication date: May 1, | Publication: Show Magazine Description: Gloria Steinem goes undercover as a Playboy Bunny in to.

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In a series of diary-like entries, she reveals an ugly underside of a sexual revolution that Hefner populated with women dressed sfeinem revealing costumes and men who ogled them.

“A Bunny’s Tale” – Gloria Steinem – Show Magazine

As she reveals the shocking incidents that followed her hiring in late January ofreaders get an up-close look at the outrageous employment practices of Playboy Clubs, including the astonishingly meager wages, violent threats, intense objectification, and harassment the Bunnies experienced.

While Steinem initially had regrets about the two-part feature, she has since spoken about what she learned—including how her work unmasked the misogyny behind Hefner and his clubs, which were both praised as symbols of sexual emancipation. On September 27,Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner passed away at the age of Though those allegations were not in any quote from me, I seem to have been included in the libel suit as a harassment gesture.


I spent many unpleasant hours in depositions, and being threatened with punitive damages.

Eventually, the newspaper settled out of court without reference to me. I was told by other reporters that such harassing actions, with or without actionable grounds, were a frequent way of discouraging or punishing journalists. Lawyers told me that other Bunnies they had approached had been afraid to testify, even on the simple question of identifying instruction sheets in which we were told to emphasize the private, exclusive nature of the club.

Having seen many movies about courtroom proceedings in which justice prevailed, I agreed. After a Playboy Club lawyer had spent cross-examination time trying to demonstrate that I was a liar and a female of low moral character, I began to understand why the other Bunnies had refused.

I-“A Bunny’s Tale” – Gloria Steinem – Show Magazine

In the end, the Playboy Club kept their public liquor license. Want more Gloria Steinem? Sign up for the Early Bird Books newsletter and get the best daily ebook deals delivered straight to your inbox. It was a benefit for the Ms.

Foundation for Women, and also my fiftieth birthday. No other publication used this photo.

But Playboy never forgets. In the first few years, my callers were amazed that I had used my own name on the article. Another quoted the same alleged threat as a response to trying to help Bunnies unionize.

I Was a Playboy Bunny |

All said they were amazed to find my name listed in the phone book. Eventually, I had to switch to an unlisted phone. A former Bunny from the Chicago Playboy Mansion also volunteered to be technical director.


Hugh Hefner was said to have tried to use his other television properties to pressure ABC out of doing this production, but it was shown, continued to be aired for four years on ABC, and is still re-run on Lifetime.

Last year, the young woman in my neighborhood coffee shop said it had meant a lot to her, that her boyfriend also watched and finally understood what she went through as a waitress. That meant a lot to me. After feminism arrived in my life, I stopped regretting that I had written this article. Thanks to the television version, I also began to take pleasure in the connections it made with women who might not have picked up a feminist book or magazine, but who responded to the rare sight of realistic working conditions and a group of women who supported each other.

Among the short-term results of this article were: Among the long-term results of this article are: Want to keep reading? Download Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions now.