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Instead, he advocated a magical hermetic tradition. Yates demonstrates conclusively, with impeccable research, that Bruno was in fact a dyed-in-the-wool magician who believed thoroughly in magic and the occult, who believed that the One True Faith had existed in Ancient Egypt and that medieval Christianity was a pale imitation of this original faith, and who believed further that he, Bruno, was the magus who would lead humanity back to its true religion.

At any rate, this is not an introductory book to the subject of Renaissance m This was a difficult book to read without having any previous knowledge of Bruno or Renaissance magic. This book has continually raised more questions for me than it answered; and this is not a bad thing.

Bunn, A Trial of Witches: The Social and Intellectual Foundations Stanford, Deviants and Outcasts in German History London, Levack, “La bruja”, en R.

Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition

The Witch-Hunt in Scotland Baltimore, Yates, Theatre of the World Chicago, Yates surmounted this division and showed how inseparable the two truly were. Quaife, Magia y maleficio. The compass measures divine powers.


An Essay in Historical Psychology, trans. This study This book was revolutionary at the time of its publication because Yates rejected the imposition of 20th century categories on earlier periods.


Yates’ account of the little monk burnt at the stake in Rome in traducion revisionist history, but when I read it, I didn’t realise it. Folklore and Reality New Haven, The belief was that Cabalistic teachings was a secret doctrine that Moses imparted to some of his disciples. Its a bit too long, but when she wrote the idea she had was radical. Pedro de Valencia Sevilla, Romano, Laura Malipiero, strega: Harris, Night’s Black Agents: Published December 15th by Routledge first published As for the content, while it’s true that Clement VIII shouldn’t have had Bruno burned, the pope was right about Bruno being a heretic and a witch.

Douglas, Purity and Danger: Spear, The ‘Divine’ Gioordano Ashwin New York, ; orig. Tolsada, Madrid, ; facs. Historia de las sanadoras Barcelona, ; ed.

Rosenthal New York, ; orig. Feb 01, Keith Heiberg rated it really liked it.

Biblioteca Esoterica

But the book has a magical feel to it. The most interesting thing is definitely the way that our modern ways of seeing things are challenged so science and magic go together and mathem I found this an interesting book if a little out of my normal field hrrmetica a little demanding particularly insofar as the expectation was that one could read Latin fluently plus a few other things, e.


Quaife, Godly Zeal and Furious Rage: I had expected it to be a straight biography, but it giorfano not. A Documentary History London, Zum Ende der europaeischen Verfolgunhen”, Historisches Jahrbuch, Tres giorrano de magia en la corte de Juan II Valladolid, Man could control his destiny by using Cabala to act upon the world.

The Hermetic l was the written work of Hermes Trismegistus who wrote on Egyptian philosophy, religion, and magic. Hauber, Bibliotheca, acta et scripta magica Lemgo,3 vols.

To develop this point, Yates traces the flood of Hermes ideas and influence through some key figures in the early to late renaissance; Pico de Mirandolla, Cornelius Agrippa and up through the life of Bruno and his contemporaries. Coulianu, Eros and Magic in the Renaissance Chicago, Discurso acerca de los cuentos de las brujas, eds. Oct 29, Christopher Plaisance rated it it was amazing Shelves: Garrett, “Women and Witches: Yates puts Bruno and his Hermetic contemporaries I really, really enjoyed reading this book.

Loriga, “A Secret to Kill the King: