Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room [Geoff Dyer] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A Huffington Post Best Book of the. Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room is a book by Geoff Dyer. Content[edit]. The book is a discussion by Dyer of the film Stalker directed. A Huffington Post Best Book of the Year There is no other writer at work today like the award-winning Geoff Dyer. Here he embarks on an investigation.

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“Zona” by Geoff Dyer: book review – latimes

I don’t know if the book will enlighten you to the meaning of the movie anymore than you may have been able to eek out on your own; but the book will draw all sorts of threads, including references to Stalker in other movies, music, etc. He is also the editor of John Berger: Dyer’s conceit, of course, is that he is no better than one of the small-minded characters in the zlna. One way or another our small country has seen the birth of a miracle,the Zone”.

Dyer’s relative distaste — his adoption of the robe and role of the old fogey — for the world in geofff he finds himself isn’t just related to film.

In fact Dyer never explodes.

As the jeep turns a corner they hear the sound of a revving motorbike and hit the deck, the yder deck. I certainly didn’t expect that djer than twenty years later I would be watching Stalker while reading a book about it. Contrast this with the brilliant production values of the “Library of America” books, fighting to preserve printed literature in an electronic world. This is apposite, since one of Tarkovsky’s most central preoccupations was that of time he called his book on the process of making films Sculpting in Time.


Zona: A Book About a Film About a Journey to a Room

She lays a whole guilt trip on him, but the usual terms—you only think of yourself—are reversed, given a kind of Dostoyevskian twist: Jan 19, Caleb rated it liked it. What does he mean by this? This isn’t a book, this is an inflated Guardian article!

So this book is by a guy who wrote one of my real favourite book-about-books, which is Out of Sheer Rage. In fact, nobody entered the Znoa. Finds a feather and sees the Three Beggars. When I finally emerged into the Parisian twilight I was in my early thirties. The talker is still going on about how insufferably boring everything is. I thought it was great back then, but who knows.

Buildings that are no longer what they were once intended for: Dyer’s thick description of Andrei Tarkovsky’s “Stalker” is at its best when it demonstrates the film’s expressive possibilities. But Zona is also about an author on the verge of a nervous breakdown.


An enigmatic, slow-moving “road movie” colored by striking cinematography, “Stalker” follows its mysterious title character gekff he guides two clients called Writer and Professor through an uncertain and surreal journey in a post-industrial wasteland called the Zone on a quest for the Room, a mystifying yet apparently quite ordinary place where your deepest wishes can come true.

You should not read it unless you’ve seen the movie, probably. Stalker and Tarkovsky deserve better than this. He, on the other hand, like many men before and since, is on his way to the pub, making his way through railway sidings, beautifully desolate and puddly, in the postindustrial fog. The more I read Dyer, the more I am convinced that he is one of the most original writers of 21st century. Plus, you need a big sound system.

Inspiration, it turns out. The barman pours him a beer.

More from the web. Watch the movie- then read the book. Dyer claims that a work of art that changes your DNA can only be experienced at a zoja age, typically in your teens or twenties and can not happen later in life. You don’t need any help with the film, and this book will spoil the experience.