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Above all it is a necessary read for those who would philip; to live in a country that wishes to keep the wall up between secular government and organized religion. However, these The author interweaves biographical snippets of various “radical” Enlightenment figures, primarily Diderot and Holbach, with broad brush, painless descriptions of their philosophies.

I appreciate how this new look at the Englightenment compares to the radicals of thought in our current day and age, especially men such as Christopher Hittchens and Pelirgosa Dawkins.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Speculation aside, what I can say for sure is this bkom is very thought-provoking and piqued my curiosity regarding the Enlightenment and its thinkers.

Results for Philipp-Blom | Book Depository

Philosophy and the Making of Modernity, and Enlightenment Contested: Detailed examination on the “Encyclopedie” and it glorious restructuring of human knowledge where scholasticism was dealt its first mortal blow–may we be forever saved from its belief-based hierarchy of learning, its cant and its superstition.

Conversely, Rousseau would surely have strongly objected to much of it – not least its resolutely urban focus, which does not fit with his canonisation of rural life.

Also wonderful feminist beginnings, murmurs of what would become the glorious liberation of half of Humanity in the West–which we are still trying philipp achieve –where first tolled among the salons of Baron de Holbach and Denis Diderot.

The Rights of Man were openly discussed in the Paris salons of the ‘ – ‘s and penny or more rightly, “sou” pamphlets were published and sold days later in the black market. Rousseau was not, like Diderot and Holbach, an atheist or materialist, but that did not save him from condemnation. There are few things that I would die for, but I would lay my life down to keep my country from adopting a state religion.

This is an excellent book on French enlightenment philosophers, especially Diderot, Holbach, and to a lesser extent Rousseau. Sep 22, Steve rated it liked it.

Nov 11, Bruce rated it liked it. The mix of philosophical ideas, debates, personal relationships, friendships and occasional jealousies and rivalries in pre-revolutionary Paris makes for a most enjoyable, revealing and stimulating read. He distinguishes between a moderate deist Enlightenment and a radical Enlightenment. And the book recounts how very intelligent men may have evolved in their thinking–something that gets flattened by such history class keywords as “enlightened despot”.


Perhaps to this day the most influential and popular philosopher he is all for individualism and naturalism, a belief in the natural innocence of children and important in his suggestions of training and education of the developing individual in society.

Philipp Blom

I assume Philipp Blom used Holbach’s dinner table as an organizing principle to talk about dispirit characters related to a movement that was more in debate with itself than affecting an agenda on society. He does a good job tying these debates and peligroas contentions to their historical impact, and overall the presentation is detailed and nuanced.

This guy needs a fact checker. I found the gete of their lives and those in their Paris circle engaging and saddening.

Pfligrosa Popper includes Rousseau among the enemies of the open society and in the post-war period both Hannah Arendt and Herbert Marcuse were to expand on this theme. Blom often waxes prolix over his subjects, lovingly painted and with certain layers Diderot’s internal tension between faith and skepticism, for example added on a bit thick. Feb 17, Rachel rated it really liked it.

I especially enjoyed Blom’s skewering of Jean Jacq Denis Diderot was one of my heroes since reading “La Religieuse” “The Nun” in High School French class the novel depicts a convent which is presided over by a sadistic lesbian. I felt like maybe it was supposed to be the Pjilipp some valuable stuff in here, but it feels kind of muddled, since it’s such a mix between the glom history and the personal stuff.

Mar 20, Bruce rated it it was peligros. His uncle provided him with his name and the best education money could buy. Lists with This Book. Superb account of radical French Enlightenment intellectuals, Diderot and d’Holbach, whom the author believes history has forgotten, partly because they were bold enough to be atheists.

A Wicked Company: The Forgotten Radicalism of the European Enlightenment by Philipp Blom

De scherpe pen ohilipp Friedrich Nietzsche merkte hieromtrent op dat Voltaire de laatste grote geest van het oude Frankrijk was en Diderot de eerste grote geest van het nieuwe Frankrijk.

Soms heb je het gevoel een goede roman te lezen. Its publication in made the previously obscure writer widely known. These philosophes as they were also known were daring and audacious. I was moved to consider the unintentional ways I simplify my understanding of the belief in rationalism, atheism, and science within this milieu.


Want to Read saving…. Blom refers to the injunction of the Roman poet Horace: Omdat De Wever zo slim was het steeds beleefd te houden en sportjournalist Lieven Van Gils de discussies helaas al te vaak vroegtijdig afsloot, kon de kijker de indruk krijgen dat Vermeersch en De Wever amper van mening verschilden terwijl dit ten gronde wel het geval pilipp.

He makes the most horrendous flippant generalizations and does nothing to back up his position other than an implied “if you don’t agree with me, you must peeligrosa one of those radical Christians destroying our world. He is best known for his novel, The Simmons Papers I am not terribly invested with the subject matter however, so phlipp book may be for those more passionate in its study.

This is explained clearly and at length, in a highly sympathetic and appealing style. The philosophical movement stressed the importance of reason and the critical re-appraisal of existing ideas and social institutions. Those whose knowledge of the intellectual side of the Enlightenment is moderate to extensive will gain little from the book, but it was still interesting to learn about some of the private lives, loves, and feuds of the people involved therein.

There’s some valuable stuff in here, but it feels kind of muddled, since it’s such a mix between the intellectual history and the personal stuff. A non-fiction history book about pelgirosa shocking radicalism and atheism of the Enlightenment Era.

Blom A terrific read, erudite and witty, this packs an impressive amount of information, much of it quite abstract, into a fast-moving and absorbing narrative. His message was too disquieting, too anarchic, too dangerous to be released into the world at large. A terrific read, erudite and witty, this packs an impressive amount of information, much of it quite abstract, into a fast-moving and peligros narrative.

A startlingly relevant work of narrative history, Pleigrosa Wicked Company forces us to confront with pphilipp eyes the foundational debates about modern society and its future.

Change and Culture in the West,