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We all have Light Bodies which are made of the light from these higher dimensions. The next levels of dimensions are still a clear consciousness but movement is increasing along with differentiation along the lines of impulse.

The Meditation Solution

Slowly the trauma from this event was pushed into the subconscious just like with any samskara and formed the original scar located in the heart Chakra. The intestines are like a coil that can absorb many types of chi, mix it and store it.

These include Chi, Ching, Jing and Kundalini. Another possibility is that as the person grows up their physical and energetic bodies are naturally becoming ready for this incarnation and it was predestined that at a particular time the energies would incarnate.

The human as well as the Universe is far more complex than scientists would have you believe. These vortexes are the Chakra’s and each one is a gateway to a certain aspect of higher consciousness. When the baby was first born the etnan body was like a colored lens but as parts begin to crystallize its like putting scratches on the lens which ethzn distorts and blocks out the higher light. Once on earth these samskaras from previous lives gradually incarnate and begin to affect the new life just like they did in the past.

The forces are in complete Chaos, ready to be formed by the structures created by the forces of Consciousness. In Australia, consumers have a legal right to obtain a refund from a business if the goods purchased are faulty, not fit for purpose or don’t match the seller’s description.


By the interaction in these areas the chi is transformed into organs and glands chi which is then circulated throughout the meridian system. To you in your disconnected state, that being was God. The human as well as the Universe are far more complex than scientists eghan have you believe. The Astral body is the emotional body; the chitta is the mental body. Just like choosing the Astral mixture before incarnating on earth your spirit chose a mixture of Vorlyy in the formation of its Light body.

The chi of a grapefruit is different from the chi of a watermelon because they interact with different astral forces. Now when a similar instance occurs the intense emotions within the ball are released a little which causes the emotions to intensify and a further crystallization to occur. Special financing sthan Select PayPal Credit at checkout to have the option to pay over time.

They contain various forces of creation or materialism with each dimension containing different forces and energies. The cycle of loss is turned into enormous amounts of energy for the chitta which in turn will make the brain far healthier.

These Creators all receive their impulse to create from the highest dimension of one spirit but efhan are in a dimension where they are individuals although still experiencing oneness. Tuning forks are a very effective way to create the sound frequencies needed but they are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them. Down syndrome is a problem with the DNA and is actually caused by weak jing as this is the force which animates DNA and holds it together.

It seems to the baby that the love and peace come from the mother but in truth it actually comes from its own higher self or lightbody.

The Light body incarnates by shining through the Astral body. It is often much easier to meditate in a group because the others are helping to create a ground for light. Every time the baby feels unpleasant emotions the astral body crystallizes further to block out the pain. Once the astral body has shattered the parts of the higher consciousness and light of the being that incarnated will go back to the higher dimensions from where they came.


As the average human is currently set up, their subtle senses are in a state where this Metaphysical exploration is not really possible. The human is a being of consciousness which transcends all 4 dimensions and who has incarnated into a human body for a short period of time. The high dimensions of consciousness contain different levels of awareness and Spiritual powers. When the ching is aroused which is basically whenever you are sexually aroused it expands enormously and begins to vibrate more strongly.

The reality is that while living in the world where life has become very complicated and with the Astral pollution surrounding us it can be very hard if possible at all, to reach the deep states of consciousness necessary for real Transformation to occur.

It is the main opening into the astral realms around the planet and the easiest way out of the body for Astral Travel.

The reason the astral substances are able to crystallize and stay that way is because of its slow vibration. Because of this the pressure can build very quickly and then it must be released. When incarnating into the etheric body various astral forces are attracted to certain parts vroly the physical body.

Past Life Regression

The point here is that they do not affect you in the same way as while incarnated on earth. Learn more – opens in a new window or tab International postage paid to Pitney Bowes Inc. Thirty years ago few were born with this new energy but this has steadily expanded to now where every new baby is an Indigo Child.

This will be covered in detail under Entities. The Male side is totally active or Yang and is therefore given the broad term of consciousness which implies an active state. Astral substance is what incarnates into matter.