Veja grátis o arquivo endocardite bacteriana enviado para a disciplina de Anatomo-fisiologia em Odontologia Categoria: Trabalhos – 3 – Devido à baixa incidência da endocardite bacteriana, previmos que haveria poucos ou odontológico em pessoas de alto risco para endocardite bacteriana . endocardite bacteriana odontologia pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for endocardite bacteriana odontologia pdf. Will be grateful.

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Recommendations by the American Heart Association. There was an average of appointments every day, of which the vast majority were classified as not relevant to the service. The risk of buccal originated bacteremia seems to be related to the extension of the traumatism of the soft tissues produced by the odontological treatment and to the degree of pre-existent local inflammatory disease.

Rev Bras Odontol ;44 6: Contact the doctor that accompanies the patient whenever there are doubts regarding his medical report. The patients of this group don’t need antibiotic prophylaxis. Soares [22] related the occurrence of cases of infectious endocarditis, even with etiological agents sensitive to the antibiotic that was used, while Howe [23] indicated that the parenteral regime can be counterproductive, causing failure in the prophylaxis, as the patients could deliberately omit information, in an attempt to avoid intravenous medicine.

The survey was conducted after approval of the Research Ethics Committee protocol No. Patients who participated in this research were informed of the purpose of the study, as well as the methods used. Erythromycin was completely eliminated as a recommendation for allergic patient because of the provoked gastro-intestinal upset and pharmacokinetic variations.

Development of resistent oral viridans strepcocci idontologia administration of prophylactic antbiotics: The dentist and prevention of infective endocarditis. Prevention of bacterial endocarditis, recommendations by the American Heart Association. The studies tended to confirm the inflammation severity as the decisive factor of the entrance of microorganisms in the blood steam. In these cases, the antibiotic prophylaxis is necessary before an odontological treatment that can cause a possible bacteremia.

Table 1 shows the descriptions of their answers. While for the antistaphylococcal penicillins oxacillin, methicillin there are already reports about resistant sprains, as was already found for microorganisms resistant to cephalosporins, an alternative antibiotic group for people who are allergic to penicillin.


At the same time, prophylactic use has been suggested, although this is controversial. The bacteremia can be classified in: The microorganisms take advantage of bactfriana break in the skin mucosal anatomic barriers to break into the deeper tissues and reach the blood stream and, by doing so, also get to more distant places in the organism [9].

The consequences of bacteremia caused by infections can be: Endocarditis is an infectious process that affects the endocardium, not only in normal hearts, but also in those that may have some kind of disease that can come from a bacteremia in the buccal cavity [7]. But he has the moral obligation of preventing serious complications in the treatment. Detection of bacteraemia after the use of an oral irrigation device in subjects with periodontitis. Sonis [3], Lopes [31], Bear [2], Howe [23], following the directives suggested by entities responsible for research about infectious endocarditis prevention, indicated, up toa parenteral application as preferred for the administration of antibiotics due to its superior effect endpcardite blood serum levels.

Prophylaxis of infective endocarditis: Factors affecting the occurence of bacteremia associated with tooth extraction. J Bras Odontol Clin ;2 9: Prevention of bacterial endocarditis. The great frequency of infection after dental treatment, ednocardite infectious endocarditis being one of theses clinical conditions, associated with important morbidity and high lethality, is well known; Bear [2], Sonis [3], Passeri [4], Dajani [5], Durack [6] have indicated that antibiotics should be used to prevent post-dental procedure infections.

They also observed that the bacteremia degree increases in accordance to the surgical trauma and tissue offense, as well as with the progressive increase of simultaneously extracted teeth and with the progress of the patient’s age.

endocardite bacteriana odontologia pdf

Edocardite its introduction init has been the first alternative for people who are allergic to penicillin. Textbook of oral and maxillofacial surgery, Basilio I ; Francisco E. Objective To assess the oral health status of patients admitted to pre-intervention heart surgery, observing the need index concerning invasive treatment.

A controlled evaluation of protective efficacy. Endocarditis is sometimes a lethal disease, due to the infection of heart layers by bacteria brought by the blood stream — especially Streptococcus Viridians, a bacteria frequently found in the mouth and oropharynx, but also the Staphylococcus Aureus, Enterococos, among other4.


Farmacologia aplicada na Odontologia | PDF Flipbook

Patients with bad buccal health, abscessed radicular structures, and gingivitis, offer a perfect entrance for microorganisms to the blood stream. Conclusions The dentist should adopt these procedures: The non-aerobis of post extraction bacteremia.

The mouth is part of a system that interacts with itself. How to cite this article. Nowadays, studies such as that of Wippel [1] show that the application of antimicrobial agents has definite rules and can be accomplished with precision.

Factors in dental bacteremia. Oral-dental physical examination was performed in order to evaluate patients’ oral health conditions. There are some ways of avoiding, or at least easing this impact.

Farmacologia aplicada na Odontologia

Although we cannot forget that many rules about this use are a result of in vitro experiments, they do not substitute security norms and are not the solution for everything either; on the contrary, they can create problems. Inthe American Heart Association revised the recommendation, modifying it Chart 1.

Subacute bacterial endocarditis at the University of Minnesota Hospital, through Their oral health status was considered poor, needing some type of invasive dental treatment. The patient’s cooperation is necessary for the success of the adopted propaedeutic; that is why the professional oodntologia always keep his patient abreast of what is happening, because, when the patient is included as “part of the team”, he becomes co-responsible for the success of the treatment.

Lavelle [18] mentioned that failures in prophylaxis have already been demonstrated and related them to an increase in the resistance to beta-lactam and also to other antibiotics. Nevertheless, the bacterkana of medical associations for the prevention of infectious endocarditis indicate since amoxacillin as the right drug to be taken because it’s better absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract than its “mother”, ampicillin, producing a higher and longer lasting serum level hours.

The dentist needs to be acquainted with the medical protocols of the heart health societies. Experimental transient bacteraemias in human subjects with varying degrees of plaque accumulation and gingival inflammation.