List of computer science publications by Edward Fredkin. Edward Fredkin (born ) is an American computer scientist and to come up with a new and fruitful way of looking at physics, Feynman said, Fredkin will. Ed Fredkin ( –) has had a distinguished career both in the commercial sector as well as academia. He held professorships at MIT in Electrical Engineering.

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The Finite Nature Hypothesis of Edward Fredkin

March ” Infinitesimal machinery “. Therefore, laws of biology and physics ultimately derive from behavior of digital systems, specifically cellular automata a concept developed originally by computer pioneer John von Neumann. I hope my thoughts have some value and I am interested in reading more about your theories. Proceedings of the Edeard, spring joint computer conference, Retrieved 11 March Susskind are correct that information is both conserved and destroyed.

We may ask how this change can be accomplished. Whether this information exists in digital form is an interesting question. Put another way, this is to say that for every volume of space-time there will be a definite and finite amount of information contained within it.

He was noted for designing the first interrupt systems and was a pioneer in reversible computing concepts. So, a frredkin exists only as a virtual particle in the form of a probability wave until measuring it collapses the wave into a particle which takes its identity from the underlying informational space that it is traveling through.

Can the finite nature assumption account for the efficacy of quantum mechanics?

Edward Fredkin – Wikiquote

On the frexkin hand, such an experimental proof would be problematical because no matter how closely we look, we can always imagine that if we looked even more closely the continuity would resolve into a finely-grained discreteness; therefore, the appearance of continuity in nature, as in the motion picture theater, can never itself be proof of actual continuity. New articles by this author.


Retrieved 29 June Zeno argued that motion i. This would be a computer crash. Fredkin gateTrie data structure. Hegel Martin Heidegger Heraclitus R. Their combined citations are counted only for the first article.

The possibilities would be the cube of 2 three coins with two possibilities for each coin times the cube of 3 three coins with three possibilities for each coini. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You can help Wikiquote by expanding it.

In principle, the temporal evolution of the state information numbers and kinds of particles of such a system can be exactly modeled by a digital informational process similar to what goes on in a computer. Accordingly, the information can as easily be expressed by numbers as by characters, words or sentences. Email address for updates.

Scientific investigation repeatedly has revealed the discrete qualities of nature. They would be eeward the surface of the Earth, but with two more dimensions. Privacy policy About Chessprogramming wiki Disclaimers Mobile view.

In light of our assumption that time itself is discrete and step-wise, eddward are not permitted to imagine the information sliding or morphing from one state to the next; no, the information must be in one state in the present moment, and in another, different state in the next succeeding future moment. They are extreme reductionistdeterministand naturalist. Chiefly, this impression arose from the emphasis placed on the need to reduce frerkin universe to integer terms, which then exclude by definitions such numbers as pi or phi, at least under usual accounts of what constitutes integers in my understanding….

Edward Fredkin

Why are there symmetries and CPT charge conjugation, parity, and time reversal? However, the input and credkin facilities are somewhat arbitrary in the sense that the information as processed by the computer can be read in many different ways according to the convenience of the user. Views Read Edit View history.

Fredkin has been broadly interested in computation, hardware as well as software. This paper explores Digital Philosophy by examining the consequences of these premises. Instead, we are describing a method of computing which can fredkni for the transistors of the desktop computer chips, but accomplish the same task of processing information.


Wikiquote has quotations related to: There is not, and there need not be, access to the hardware of the Engine from within the program. That is, regardless of whether a substance appears to be solid steel or flowing water or chilly wind, it turns out that all things are made up of discrete, individual molecules and atoms.

I am quite eager to dig in further! As he describes the nature of the universe, it is fully deterministic. Finite nature E Fredkin. A Chess-orientated Processing System.

We have become accustomed in mathematics and in the natural world to contemplating the infinite — a series that goes on forever without frerkin — and its fredlin, the infinitesimal — a hypothetical smallness that has no minimum. The “state” of the computer is the aggregate arrangement of these memory bits.

He is the inventor of the trie data structure, radio transponders for vehicle identification, the concept of computer navigation for automobiles, the Fredkin gate and the Billiard-Ball Computer Model for reversible computing.

International Journal of Theoretical Physics 42 2, The system can’t perform the operation now. In order to better understand Finite Nature, Fredkin suggests that we look to examples of simple systems with similar properties.

And it turns out, wonderfully true, that the irreversibiilty is not essential for computation. However, other aspects of computer architecture may provide the most plausible explanation for this phenomenon. Just after each clock pulse the machine lives for a short time in the messy real world of electrical transients and noise. His main interests concern digital computer-like models of basic processes in physics.