12AU7 Amperex / Philips / Philips Miniwatt Holland PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7 – PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7 – MATCHED PAIR – PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7 (labelled IEC) lively midrange. ECC82 Philips 12AU7 Mullard Blackburn. Made in England, Gf2 B0B3 codes, ECC82_12AU7_Philips. Ribbed plates, ring getter halo, one side hole.

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It only has 12 hours or so of break-in so far – but your description was absolutely spot-on.

Of course at the higher price. We’re never doing anything intentionally and will always work out any situation. The Commmand Series of RCA tubes are very scarce, as they were not available to the general public, but are well worth the search.

These are the D shape getter with the foil strip across the back, originals from Holland, and are the early longplate versions.

These “cleartops” are currently the hottest selling 12AU7, and are still a great philipps at current prices. The type is etched into the glass they are not rebranded 12AU7 tubesand these have thickly plated gold pins. Audiophiles rave about these nickel plate versions, and they are getting very scarce.

ECC82 Philips 12AU7 Miniwatt Made in Holland

Awesome in phase splitter applications. Large stock just in! Watch a brief video here on available tube balance and matching services for dual triode tubes like the 12AU7 on the Tektronix curve tracer! White label various brands, grey plates, very similar to the Telefunken ribbed plate tubes. Blackplate, gold, orange or white lettering, extra support rods. Rare early square top getter. These are all long greyplates with a top ring getter and the old white Daystrom label, or Miniwatt label.


The best of these tubes retain a fine sense of “air” at the top, and the upper midrange is smooth and liquid.


Long Grey plates, and standard 2 mica, with the French Signal Corps crossed flags on the glass. These are incredible tubes with a fine soundstage, clean top end with a touch of midrange warmth. This tube has thickly plated gold pins and was designed for critical uses in avionics and other exacting ecc28 applications.

These are all the older long narrow plate s version, most with the same date code. New Old Stock original Box. These wonderful vintage tubes are vanishing at an alarming rate. The higher priced selected, A, black plate and long plates add uncolored smoothness to any hi-fi application, while the organ tubes are excellent in anything from ham radio to guitar amps, to phono preamps.

These are usually found in Mullard or Brimar versions, but I have seen Siemens as well, and some made by Amperex. In a word, wow! GE tubes are evenly balanced and nicely flat in their response.

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Philios USA Amperex factory tubes have a bit more detail and analytical focus while the Philip tubes are sweeter, both have great air and space. Punchy, lively, wide soundstage, and just the right touch of tube warmth. Return to the Home page. This list is organized now by each vintage tube manufacturer. These are the originals from Holland, rare today and worth grabbing some now before they phiilips gone.

It was used in so many different types of equipment that the vintage versions of this tube are still available without too much searching. These sound nice in hi-fi systems as well as guitar amps and studio equipment. One of the best and most sought-after European ECC82s ever made.


The greyplate GE is an all-around nice-guy tube to listen to, the A here possibly getting the nod for hi-fi use. These tubes are a great balance of a clean, airy top end, nice midrange warmth, and accurate bass. The Sylvania greyplate and military versions are clean and a bit bright, but the A versions are very accurate. philops

Ecc82 Philips – Ecc82 Philip – Triode – Nos Tubes – by Philips – Philips Ecc82 Twin Triode

Use your “back” button to return to this page. New Old Stock in original box and white box.

A really fine blackplate from the s, many audiophiles feel these outperform most of the other NOS 12AU7 tubes. New Old Stock White Box and original box. However, it’s specs are similar enough to a 12AU7 that audiophiles are grabbing them up while the prices are still reasonable.

Going fast, the secret is out, come and get ’em! I could never have imagined that upgrading the stock tubes would have such a definitive improvement along the entire frequency spectrum. The soundstage is large, even in mono applications these tubes have a great 3-D image. Come and get ’em! New Old Stock in whiteboxes. I don’t know why changing tubes makes such a difference, but I’ll never again doubt that it can.

The ultimate tube for tube mics and mic preamps! Among the best 12AU7 tubes ever made. Superior to the standard s long plates, and well worth the extra price.

New Old Stock whitebox and original box.