12AU7 Amperex / Philips / Philips Miniwatt Holland PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7 – PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7 – MATCHED PAIR – PHILIPS ECC82 – 12AU7 (labelled IEC) lively midrange. ECC82 Philips 12AU7 Mullard Blackburn. Made in England, Gf2 B0B3 codes, ECC82_12AU7_Philips. Ribbed plates, ring getter halo, one side hole.

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This is an amazing tube, one of the best USA 12AU7 tubes ever made and we have a good stock of these. The midrange is ruler flat, and the bass is tight and accurate. The higher priced selected, A, black plate and long plates add uncolored smoothness to any hi-fi application, while the organ tubes are excellent in anything from ham radio to guitar amps, to phono preamps.

Then I found the Telefunken I purchased from you and switched the tubes. We are a start-up non-profit organization based in Los Angeles.

Some were made for Telefunken. Some made for various brands of amps and have various labels, but the same tube as the Siemens branded. Grey plates, and triple mica, with lhilips silver top getter supports. This is a premium version of the European ECC82, with matched triode sections. Most relevant reviews See all 9 reviews.


It makes a fine hi-fi 12AU7 tube as well. Brimar UK made with the Brimar factory coding on the glass, and the rare long grey plates.

Fair to good labels on all, most OEM labels.

All of these vintage tubes are excellent, much better than the Russian or Chinese yuck that is being made today. New Old Stock, white box. This tube is also about twice as tall as a 12AU7, so installation space in your chassis is a consideration as well. Some of the Philips Holland versions had the rare pinched waist, where the glass dips inward and actually molds around the top mica plate, giving the plates extra support and virtually eliminating microphonics.

  IEC 62128-1 PDF

New Old Stock Original Box. The only difference is the pins that correspond to the grid and plate of each triode are reversed from the 12AU7 connections, so you will either need to rewire your sockets to take this tube, or consult with the manufacturer of your unit to philils if this tube can be used phhilips a sub for the 12AU7.

It was used in so many different types of equipment that the vintage versions of this tube are still available without too much searching. New Old Stock original Box. Anonymous June 15, at Night and day difference.

Ecc82 Philips – Ecc82 Philip – Triode – Nos Tubes – by Philips – Philips Ecc82 Twin Triode

Good stock now but fast vanishing!! These are all long greyplates with a top ring getter and the old white Daystrom label, or Miniwatt label. This identifies the tube as having passed intense quality screening for critical applications in Tektronix industrial equipment.

These are excellent step up tubes in the 12AU7 family, when you can find them!

Covered by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee, plus an optional 2-year extended warranty is also available! New Old Stock in whiteboxes.

This is the first time I’ve “rolled” tubes, and I’m not sure what degree of improvement I expected, but this upgrade is amazing. Very nice military greyplates from the s. Click here for a printable, easy FAX order form.

This list is organized now by each vintage tube manufacturer. These are labelled with Tektronix matched pair part number labels over the Amperex labels.

Musicality, nuance, and soundstaging are off the charts!

ECC82 Philips 12AU7 Mullard Blackburn | – Tube Amplifiers & NOS Tubes

Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Ultra low noise thanks to the RARE pinched waist glass bottle, large box plates, and matched triode sections. Matched evc82 and quads available. Plenty of punch in the upper mids and tight bass make this tube sound at home in guitar amps and the finest hi-fi systems alike.


These are all tubes of unequalled quality, and are worth the high prices they are commanding these days. The tube of choice for classical, jazz, male vocals, and choral music. Also when available, Telefunken It blows away the Eastern European tube muddy, rolled-off highs AND lows that originally came with the pre-amp.

This is a military spec tube. The ultimate tube for tube mics and mic preamps! Fine s to early s vintage pgilips tubes eecc82 a nice price.

A rugged build, long life tube. Most of these early Mullard tubes can be spotted not only by the date codes and longplates, but by the distinctive “wrinkle” glass, where the surface of the glass tube is not smooth but rather has tiny wrinkles or sometimes an eggshell texture.

Stock up now, this pnilips is vanishing from the market philipx like the Telefunken smoothplates! Tests as New Old Stock in whiteboxes. Come and get ’em, they will not last long at this price. Order tubes or merchandise using your credit card!

Tests as New Old Stock in original boxes and white box. Curve tracer matching is an additional special request item and is charged in addition to the listed price of the single or matched pair tubes on this page.