Title: Dua e nudba urdu translation, Author: SYED MUHAMMAD JAWED, Name: Dua e nudba urdu translation, Length: 48 pages, Page: 1. Dua e Nudba is one of the most famous dua, usually Shia Muslims recite this supplication on Friday mornings before the sunrise lamenting Imam al-Mahdi (a).

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O son of the polite and pure purifiers! O Son of the select generous Guardians! O son of light-giving full moons! O son of well-known miracles! Groups of cheerful willing disciplined helpers, in great numbers, gathering around you to carry out one work after the other!

It is the standing-place of Abraham. Where is he who shall pull down the foundations of confusion polytheists and hypocrisy? He then entrusted with him his knowledge and his wisdom.

Is there any helper with whom I may lament and bewail as much as I wish? O Son of the clear and precise arguments who penetrated deep into the domain of mind! And, through him, render our prayers admitted. Where is he who shall untie the twisted knots of falsehood and disruption? O son of perfect knowledge!

You made another one to be born without a father. So, he the Prophet said fua the presence of the people.


Where is the one annihilating the people of wickedness. Show them the face of their Leader. Where is the on going sequence of desirable goodness? Allah shall never fail to fulfill His promise.

Can it be that we surround you while you are leading the groups. For the like of them, let tears be shed.

dua-e-nudba urdu tarjumy k seth

O inheritor of the decisive information! He had thrown the proud tribal chiefs of Arabia into a fright, destroyed their heroes, attacked and dispersed their cavalries, because of which hatred and deep grudge took root in their hearts.

When shall we abridge the gap that separate us from the vision so that we may refer to the authority? Where is the one granted aid against whomever transgresses and forges lies against him? You also settle my debts. Accept our prayers, forgive our sins, fulfill our desires, give us means of livelihood, unrestricted, make less our hardships, meet our demands in full through him.

dua-e-nudba urdu tarjumy k seth – video dailymotion

O Son of the impartial judges! O Son of the distinguished nobles! And what is the message? O son of conclusive arguments! When will we be able to join your refreshing springs and we will then be satiated?

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O the Mightiest Almighty. urd

Or which land or soil is carrying you? O inheritor of the Right Path!

Is there a restless with whom I may share when action is taken? In what kind of statement and in what kind of talk can I describe you? Where is the author of the conception of peace, fairplay and welfare? O inheritor of the exact science! Where is the one severing the ropes of fabrication and forgery? That which is given to each of tranzlation as reward of good deeds is the best recompense, since the earth belongs to Allah, and He gives it for an inheritance to whom He wants from among His servants, and the good end is for the God-fearing wise; glory to our Lord!

O son of him who is elevated and full of wisdom in the original of the Book with Allah. Where are the clear source and spring of Light vision and insight? O son of luminous stars!