pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Symbol Technologies DS Scanner User Manual. Page 1. SYMBOL DS RS USB. 3. 2. 1 SYMBOL DS CODES À BARRES DE PARAMÈTRAGE . Symbol ds digital scanner • Read online or download PDF • Motorola DIGITAL DS User Manual.

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Page Glossary – 3 Code Length. Select Enable Decode Aiming Pattern to project the aiming pattern during bar code capture, or Disable Fs6708 Aiming Pattern to turn the aiming pattern off.

There is an inverse relationship between security and digital scanner aggressiveness, so choose only that level of security necessary for any given application.

A relatively complex numeric symbology. DBP is a digital signal that represents manyal scanned bar code. For example, to decode I 2 of 5 symbols kanual between 4 and 12 characters, first scan I 2 of 5 – Length Within Range. Each character consists of two bars and two spaces, each of which is any of four widths.

To correct an error or to change the selection, scan Cancel on page D Don’t show me this message again. Contact Motorola Enterprise Mobility Support for more information. Gently tug the cable to ensure the connector is secure.

Buffering Clear Buffer bar code or upon attempt to transmit an empty Code 39 buffer. Chapter 1 Getting Started Introduction The Symbol DS combines superior 1D and 2D omnidirectional bar code scanning and sub-second image capture and transfer to provide the best value in a digital scanner.

Only Code 39 symbols which include a modulo 43 check digit are decoded. To change any option, scan the appropriate bar code s provided in the Scanner Emulation Host Parameters section beginning on page A fs6708 boot restarts the mobile computer by closing all running programs. The rubber feet hold the mount securely in place when inserting and removing the digital scanner.


Symbol DS6708 Product Reference Manual

Pad Spaces To Length The average probability that a single scan of a bar code would result in a successful decode. Area intended to contain a symbol. If selecting Buffer Code 39, we recommend configuring the digital scanner to decode Code 39 symbology only. Enable this feature if the host system requires this data format.

Page Glossary – 9 Symbol Length. Add leading zeros to the front if necessary.

The digital scanner can decode symbols that are encoded with this feature, and can store more than 64 Kb of decoded data stored in up to 50 MacroPDF symbols.

Set lengths for I 2 of 5 to any length, one or two discrete lengths, or lengths within a specific range. Its three main components are: Save Rule Erase Use these bar codes to erase criteria, actions, or rules.

Its three main components are: Disable All Code Types When higher cell phone aggressiveness parameter settings are used, it may impact the paper NOTE label bar code reading. To set feature values, scan a single bar code or a short bar code sequence. Parameter 28h The check digit is the last rs6708 of the symbol used to verify the integrity of the data.


Select Ignore Unknown Characters to send all bar code data except for unknown characters. Manula ahead before scanning. Page Advanced Data Formatting 15 – 23 Numeric Keypad Do not confuse bar codes on this page with those on the alphanumeric keyboard. To change any option, scan the appropriate bar code s provided in the Parameter Descriptions section beginning on page Table defines beep sequences that occur during both normal scanning and while programming the digital scanner.


To change any option, scan the appropriate bar code s provided in the Parameter Descriptions section beginning on page In this mode, the digital scanner connects to an external decoder or to a decoder integrated in a mobile computer or Point-of-Sale POS terminal.

The settings are stored in non-volatile memory and are preserved even when the digital scanner powers down.

Page of Go. Transmission Timeout Scanner Emulation Interface 10 – 9 Transmission Timeout The Scanner Emulation host transmits bar code data to the attached decoder and waits for the decoder to assert the Decode signal, indicating successful transmission. Intra-keystroke Manul Keyboard Wedge Interface 11 – 9 Intra-Keystroke Delay Enable this to insert an additional delay between each emulated key depression and release.

Motorola Symbol DS6708 Quick Start Manual

If software handshaking and hardware handshaking are both enabled, hardware handshaking takes precedence. Enabling illumination usually results in superior images.

Flash memory is responsible for storing the system firmware and is non-volatile. Before programming, follow the instructions in Chapter 1, Getting Started. Page Glossary Aperture. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Scan one manua the following bar codes to honor or ignore a beep directive.

Symbol DS Digital Scanner.