Contextual design (CD) is a user-centered design process developed by Hugh Beyer and Karen Holtzblatt. It incorporates ethnographic methods for gathering. Karen Holtzblatt, Hugh Beyer, A tool supporting capture and analysis of field research data using the contextual design methodology, CHI ‘ The authors developed Contextual Design, the method discussed here, through their work with teams struggling to design products and internal systems.

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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. Vesign storyboards, the User Environment Design, and paper prototypes develop and validate the right function to be included in user stories for Agile release planning. The key one being that while usability testing is good for identifying usability problems that when remedied create incremental improvements, it does not facilitate the large-scale design creativity needed to develop novel systems that offer users an engaging experience.

What a wonderful lucid and succinct description of a contextual design. A small number of key principles shaped the development of Contextual Design and provide the key motivations for its use as a design tool. The detailed user interface can be defined during iterations, usually one iteration ahead of development work.

These initial parts are aimed at creating a structured representation of the users’ work practice that is actionable for design. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Training holtzzblatt team can be a key part of our value to you.

Inthe follow-up handbook Rapid Contextual Design Holtzblatt et al expanded upon the method and provided more practical guidance. Use field interviews to reveal tacit aspects of users’ work practice – the motivations, workarounds, and strategies that they may never articulate, but structure their work. But designing for a whole customer population – the market, department, or organization that contextuall use the system – depends on seeing the common aspects of the work different people do.


This is not a theoretical book; the authors have been using these techniques hooltzblatt years to design real, complex products.

Contextual design – Wikipedia

Contextual design has also been applied to the design of digital libraries and other learning technologies. BeyerHugh and HoltzblattKaren As you’ll see in the following section, Contextual Design provides for this structural design through storyboards and the User Environment Designand then validates the design through paper prototypes. The expectation at the outset of holtzb,att concept development is that the resultant products will actively transform the way people live, and will become their new habit.

The User Environment Design captures the required function and behavior of the new system, at least for the core work cases. In this book, you’ll find the underlying principles of the method and how to apply them to different problems, constraints, and organizational situations. When making a business case, it is important to know not just what users want, but how many potential customers there are and what they are willing to pay for a solution to their problem.

Fourth, it can be adopted and adapted by a wide range of designers from student learners to researchers to professional designers. In visioning, the team uses the consolidated data to drive conversations about how to improve users’ work by using technology to transform the work practice. Agile development dovetails very nicely with user-centered design Beyer Use drawings, sketches and models to capture key design considerations at every step of the process.

Iterations can be planned so each iteration collects stories that, taken together, deliver coherent user value – as defined by the User Environment Design.

The affinity diagram brings together issues and insights across all customers into a wall-sized, hierarchical diagram to reveal the scope of vontextual problem and the opportunities. But Jobs implies that first we need something to show users, which would make it mostly conceived and built before customers are involved.


Agile Software Development with Scrum. Team interpretation sessions bring a cross-functional design team together to hear geyer whole story of an interview and capture the insights and learning relevant to their design problem.

Holtzblatt brought techniques from psychology and sociology to the field, showing how the kind of verbal protocol analysis used by Ericsson Ericsson and Simon and Piaget Piaget could be applied to data collected from users in the field.

Contextual Design has also been applied to the design of digital libraries and other learning technologies NotessNotess During Agile development proper, the techniques of Contextual Design continue to provide critical support to the team. Contextual Design begins with contextual inquirywhere software developers interview users and attempt to understand the way they work. The Inmates Are Running the Asylum: BeyerHugh R.

See section “Exceptions” in the copyright terms below. Try the Kindle edition coontextual experience these great dezign features: This key concept of partnership also comes into play in Contextual Design’s holtzblaht of paper prototypes and short iterations with users to work out detailed design.

Contextual design

This information is captured by both observations of user behavior and conversations with the user while she or he works. No writing functional specifications, user interface specifications, or architectures.

Universal Methods of Design: