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Welcome to our site! Electro Tech is an online community with overmembers who enjoy talking about and building electronic circuits, projects and gadgets. To participate you need to register.

Click here to register now. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Qaisar Azeemi Start date Dec 19, Qaisar Azeemi Member Dec 19, Is there any voltage regulator available in the market that can regulate the Bkz20 voltage up to 60V and can charge the 48V Lead acid batteries? Please help me about that. You can use your LMK’s. Thay will run at any voltage as long dstasheet the differential does not exceed 35 volts.

See note in the data sheet. Since the regulator is datasueet and sees only the input-to-output differential voltage, supplies of several hundred volts can be regulated as long as the maximum ddatasheet to input differential is not exceeded. Don’t attempt to use a linear regulator for that much power. For a switching power supply charger at that kind of power you should look for a power factor corrected unit if you ever want to run it from a generator. Boncuk New Member Dec 19, A 48V lead-acid battery is fully charged when reaching So how can i manage to get 60V or a minimum of 55V at the out put???


BUZ20 MOSFET Datasheet pdf – Equivalent. Cross Reference Search

I dataheet input to these regulators should not exceed 40V. Or are 30V Enough to charge a 48V battery? Boncuk New Member Dec 20, The LM can be used for any input voltage if the difference between input xatasheet output voltage does not exceed 40V. So for a desired output voltage of 60V the maximum input voltage of V is allowed, but not recommended because of the high power dissipation within the chip.

[1szt] Tranzystor SIPMOS-N 100V 13.5A BUZ20 TO220 SIEMENS

However, the max output voltage is limited bz20 32V. Further the maximum current is 7A. With other words, you can’t use the LM at all to charge a 48V battery at 30A.

I suggest you consider a solution using several paralleled power MosFet transistors and adjust the gate voltage for a maximum of Here is an example to get the circuit to work within limits of components.

R4 take care of equal source satasheet. When building the circuit make sure source voltages are pretty much the same on each transistor for equal current distribution.

Siemens BUZ20 Series Datasheets. BUZ, BUZ, BUZ, BUZ20, BUZ Datasheet.

If the pot is turned all the way down to ground the circuit might also be used to charge 24V batteries. Qaisar Azeemi Member Dec 20, You can not build such a device using IC regulators. You absolutely can not build one for that cost. You simply want a relay and voltage detection circuit. You just want a 60v version of this: Thank you mr colin.


If you don’t understand what I mean by a 60v version of the above circuit, this project is way beyond your capabilities. I have provided the simplest and cheapest circuit. Anything beyond this is complely over the head of a novice.

Datasheet «BUZ20»

A 60v, 30amp charger is way over my head and I have been in electronics for 30 years. Qaisar Azeemi Member Dec 22, It is referenced to ground thru the adjust pin. A SCR charger might be the way to go. What is your transformer voltage?

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