Bill Bruford: The Autobiography jazz article by John Kelman, published on March 2, at All About Jazz. Find more Book Reviews articles. [Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from Bill Bruford’s The Autobiography, first published in by Jawbone Press, but receiving the. It draws on interviews with nine top drummers and Bruford’s own “Bill Bruford – The Autobiography” continues to go from strength to strength.

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Bill Bruford: The Autobiography

May 08, Alex Handyside rated it really liked it. This guy played in King Crimson! Four and a quarter stars. Search Photos by photo tag. Like FZ’s book, Bruford’s focusses less on the details of his life and recordings and more on the things that interest and occupy him: This is, quite possibly, the best autobio I have read by a popular musician.

Bruford has organized the book not as a chronicle of his life but as his in-depth answers to a series of interview questions. Written at the dawn of his retirement, the book is part self-catharsis and part well-mannered, calculated outburst the sort you would expect a polite, middle class father and family man from Kent to delivera riddled repository of a long life of observations. For Pros Sign in or sign up to create or claim your musician profile page.

As a huge King Crimson fan, specially regarding the rhythmic section, Bruford became one of my personal idols.

Bill Bruford: the Autobiography : Yes, “King Crimson”,”Earthworks” and More

I cursed to myself and felt my stomach turn over. Unlike many rock autobiographies, this one appears to have an author who has both some skill at writing and some brufotd about the bigger picture of music.


Bruford, from his work in the famed progressive rock bands Yes and King Crimson, through electronic jazz, to acoustic jazz drumming.

We sent a confirmation message to. Well worth a read, especially if you are a musician. They enjoy picnics on them. However, to expand our offerings and develop new means to foster jazz discovery we need your help. Press Release Distribution Sign in or sign up to upload your press release. Click any of the store links below and you’ll support All About Jazz in the process.

If you’re expecting the usual rock star “let me tell you how great I am” biography, you’ll be happily disappointed.

How has it come to this? I found the latter to be the best parts: Mar 28, Mike O’Brien rated it autobiographhy liked it. The jazz-like nature of the book’s outline bruuford a complexity of composition. But surprisingly it feels more like a page book, even with its extra baggage. I’m Loving this book!!! Dec 31, Tim rated it really liked it Shelves: Rock Goes to College Winterfold Records buy. Although revered as a master percussionist, who is uatobiography regular attraction at drum clinics specialist forums where the most acclaimed drummers are paid handsomely to show off their skillshe confesses to a lack of technical confidence that has become little short of disabling.

Seems Like a Lifetime Under the Radar Culture Clubs: Search Musicians by name. Bruford is very much a thinking drummer, and this is a thoughtful autobiography. These chapters work well and Bruford’s insights about deliberately choosing to play a “less popular” style of music are fascinating.

A label anyone can now adopt with GarageBand. It shows what music is really about and, in case you are a musician, it leaves a legacy of unprecedented knowledge for a future musical development. Song writing was a appreciated more and so was the way we listened. Much of what he says about the p Bill Bruford came to fame early as the drummer for progressive rock band Yes before leaving to strike out into more challenging musical territory with King Crimson and then various jazz and jazz-rock groups.


To this madness is added a small army of rock groups, in vehicles rented from a highly unsupervised and fledgling car-rental industry. In these days before a central barrier, they even cross over and turn around to head in the opposite direction.

Through TV advertising we hear slices of Beatles songs, Bach cantatas, jazz and blues pastiche, and – here is the point – all of it incomplete “. They pull over and park on the slow carriageway. I remember being thrilled hearing “Roundabout” by Yes in the last year or two of high school.

Thanks for joining the All About Jazz community! Bruford does not come across as “acerbic” at all, the word just sounds fitting before “wit” Bill Bruford has written a Fabulously Marvelous Terrific and Thoroughly enjoyable autobiography from his very unique standpoint in the annals of Prog Rock and his wit acerbic or otherwise shines through within every sentence O.

The main subject of this book maybe more than himself is the music business and culture, and I haven’t read a more comprehensive insid As close to a “5” as I expect to read in music autobiographies, anyway. Martin never got his steak sandwich.

Everything is infused with Bruford’s rapier British wit and more than a few British spelling anomalies I lost track of how many times the word “tire” is spelled “tyre.