Aiki-Taiso (Aiki Exercises). Nikyo undo – wrist stretch with thumb down; Kotegaeshi undo – wrist stretch with fingers up; Sankyo undo – wrist stretch with fingers. Falling exercise: Koho tendo undo (backward rocking exercise). Wrist stretching:: Nikyo (second control); Kotegaeshi (reverse wrist control); Sankyo (third control) . AIKI TAISO. Fall Newsletter. If your opponent strikes with fire, counter with water, becoming completely fluid and free-flowing. Water, by its nature, never.

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While sitting in the seiza position slowly lower yourself to the floor. Avoid rapid movements, keep them gentle and smooth.


If you wish to join in the discussions or use the other advanced features available, you will need to register first. These yaiso are often repeated with a partner assisting.

Registration is absolutely free and takes only a few minutes to complete so sign up today! During the rolls avoid moving back into the normal rolling position.

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Ki should be extended forwards fully at all times. Your weight should be forward on the balls of your feet and knee of the forward foot should also be slightly forward.

No 16 is done in one direction, one arm at a time. Ikkyo Waza As with all waza, posture is very important.


The regular of these exercises develops both suppleness and speed. About Ki Taisl You. Where is your weight? Think about keeping the principles of No 32 Zenshin koshin waza in mind as performing this move.

Is your breathing and movements synchronised? Avoid over-stretching and putting tension into the arms and shoulders. A ki test here would be as the hands finish front of your face uke will gently push your hands towards your face to see if you are extending and keeping unbendable arm.

During class, and over time, your sensei will explain in much more detail all the finer points associated with each of auki movements. Pete “Pete” IP Hash: As you sit upright, your posture should be calm without any backwards movement. The completed movement should ttaiso relaxed and steady in front of your face without any movement.

Stretch to the left, right, back to the centre. Rather finish the move completely, turn and then start the next movement. The time now is Like all the waza there are different levels of ki testing and these will be done according to your level. Find More Posts by tedehara. Avoid starting the turn as you are lowering your hands to your side. Initially many may have difficulty getting this movement smooth.

Is your posture correct? If you keep your head still and look straight in front of you. Aiki Taiso in prep for a US visit. When turning from this position degrees ensure you finish with the knee of the leading foot forward.


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Then bow from your one tiaso. Evanston IL Join Date: As pictured below, when moving forward in shikko your hands should remain on your thighs, head should remain up and your eyes forward. Hands are placed on the hips. After your first movement the whole body remains still and only the over head arm moves back and forward for a second time.

During the last part of this movement move from the one point and do not finish by pushing or forcing your arms. You will finish facing the opposite direction with you right foot forward, and arms in ai,i opposite positions to when you started.

With all the exercises there are many different kinds of ki tests that can be performed and at all different levels. During this movement avoid trying to twist the wrist outwards, but rather akki your wrist lightly with ki and bring the movement straight down.

The attitude should be the same with all these exercises.